The Buying Process

At a quick glance, the buying process will involve the following:

  • Initial Interview – Determine needs, discuss financial qualifications.

  • Get pre-approved by a lender 
– And obtain a pre-qualification letter from the lender; complete loan application, finish necessary documentation.

  • Property tours
 – Show you available homes that suit your needs, fine tune your searches, attend open houses, educate you about the current market.

  • Target that “perfect” home to write an offer – Writing an offer will take 1-3 hours and now is when you deliver your earnest money deposit made payable to the Title Company

  • Your offer is presented to the Seller – In presenting your offer, I will highlight the strengths of your offer and your strengths as a buyer. Your offer is countered, accepted or rejected at this point.

  • Counter Offer – The counter offer is discussed and prepared.

  • Escrow – Once an offer is accepted, you earnest money is deposited with the Title Company.

  • Contingency Period – Buyer receives and approves Seller’s Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statement, and other seller disclosures. Buyer approves Preliminary Title Report. Applicable physical inspections are completed.

  • Homeowners Insurance Coverage – Buyers obtain Homeowners Insurance Policy for their new home.

  • Signing documents at the Title Company – Buyers need to bring current photo identification to sign notarized loan documents at the Title Company.

  • Down payment and closing funds – The escrow officer provides you with a Buyer’s Estimated Closing Statement which itemizes your costs and advises you of total monies due. Buyer brings a cashier’s check to Title Company at least 24 business hours prior to closing.

  • Funding – The lender completes final credit of documents and then sends funds to Title Company.

  • Close of Escrow – The deed is recorded at the County Recorder ’s Office by the Title Company. You will receive your copy in approximately six weeks. Keys are transferred from seller to buyer.