The Audacity Performing Arts Project, Inc.

The Audacity Performing Arts Project is a nonprofit start-up corporation dedicated to developing performing arts programs with Silicon Valley Schools.

What makes The Audacity Performing Arts Project unique?

We are unique in that we bring the Productions to where the children are; where the families actually spend their time. We don’t require extra travel time for parents. We bring the productions (the theatrical experience) to the children, where they are located.

We believe that, if a child shows up and auditions, they participate. The learning experience and the benefits of participation Performing Arts Education are made stronger when more people participate. Everyone benefits and grows in the performing arts, regardless of their starting position of experience. In short, our productions are NO CUT.

We believe that no child should ever be turned away due to a family’s lack of ability to pay a participation or costume fee. We offer a liberal financial aid for those families requiring support.